Star 1's Philosophy

Updated Saturday December 13, 2014 by Steve Tijerina.


The youth of our community can shine from within. We will help them by offering a safe, fun environment, by building a team mindset, by developing their skills, and by modeling positive interactions.


We live in a me-focused society. From a young age kids are taught to look out for themselves. However, to be successful in any workplace, they must learn how to get along well with others and work in a collaborative, team setting. Building team skills while they are young will ingrain a team-mindset as they grow and as those team skills become more critical to their future.


Our sports coaches truly care that the kids learn the skills necessary to play the sport. We stick to fundamentals and teach the basics to help learn the proper rules for the sport. It's crucial to learn it right the first time and grow as an individual to be prepared for a competitive environment as they get older into high school and college. Our coaches will drill them, provide extra opportunities for learning (video tips) and teach kids to be strategic.

Kids will also develop valuable leadership skills. Every child will be given responsibilities and have expectations for their contribution. We will let them know they are important, that their effort matters, and that they have what it takes to be successful. These are skills that only get better, the more kids have the chance to practice them.


Our coaches and refs strive to buld kids up emotionally and in their self-esteem. We will always reaffirm them as valuable, contributing members of the team and ultimately, society. Strong, healthy social skills can be difficult to learn if they are not modeled. We will provide regular modeling of positive interactions and relationships.

We also have connections with former high-level athletes who will come in to provide extra motivation and encouragement to kids in all areas of their life: from making good choices, to healthy eating, to the importance of education, and other positive life decisions.


Sports are more fun when kids get to play. Unfortunately on many of the competitive teams in our community, the best players are the only ones who get playing time. Not so in our program. Kids will have equal playing time, equal attention to their development, and equal opportunities so that all kids will see their value to the team. 

A child will feel safe to ask questions, they will know that it's OK to struggle, because we will come alongside to help them, not tear them down. They will want to come to practice and games because they will feel belonging and will have fun.