What Are You Doing?

Why Sports

Updated Tuesday September 22, 2015 by Raylon Harp .

Written by Raylon Harp


To many times I have seen the effects of an inactive child. What effects?  The child having low stamina, no coordination, no people skills, no team building experience until they enter high school. As a young lad I remember playing team sports as early as 4 yrs old and I still have close friends from all the way back then!  

Here at Star 1 we believe that an active child is a healthy child. Not just active doing random things but activities that will promote purpose in our next generation. 

Exercise reduces stress in youth and adults and we could stand to lose as much of that as possible. 

So what are you doing? Get out there and have some fun. Exercise play some Racquetball, golf, basketball etc. You can make a change in your overall health today!